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Milling Machine"Kara" in KaraCNC stands for Karachi, which is where we are located. At KaraCNC we provide CNC retrofit solutions for both standard and custom CNC equipments. We concentrate on providing quality CNC facilities to the local industry and minimizing dependance on foreign imports. That's why we have developed this line of CNC controls for which most of the designing and programming is done locally. This facilitates least downtime for maintenance/breakdown and also encourages future development. To help our semi-literate yet highly talented workforce in the mechanical industry, we have developed CNC applications in our national language Urdu too.

Ranging from milling machines to pipe benders, our controls are operating on a diverse selection of machine tools. Our most popular brand is the control for milling machines and machining centers.

We carry out customized solutions for motion control and industrial automation. With over 20 years of experience in CNC operations we are capable of designing custom controls for any type of CNC equipment. Please contact us for any inquiries on new designs or retrofit of old equipment.